Cut the Check!

I’ve worked for J. Martin & Co. for a while now, but recently began the role of marketing and sales manager.  Over the years, I’ve learned more about pressure washing than I ever imagined I’d know. However, I wasn’t really involved in the window cleaning division of the company but my new role required me to get informed.  I hadn’t given much thought about window cleaning until I watched several online videos today which prompted me to ask my boss questions about techniques and different materials of cloths used. I never in a million years would have thought of window cleaning as “scientific.”  Apparently, there are different ways to clean windows for residential home v. commercial buildings, different stroke techniques and ways to mix different products for specific treatments. I loathed science in school, still do, and its magical “art” of mixing substances (unless it’s cake mix,  just sayin’). However, I now have admiration for those who can mix proper chemicals on the fly.   

Granted my frugal, coupon clipping, cheeseparing, penny-pinching, tightfisted, thrifty, loving DH assigned us the task of cleaning our own windows this year.  He refused to pay my boss and liberate us from a hellacious weekend. Let me tell you, it was an entire weekend of lugging ladders, touching icky bugs and spiders  (both dead and alive), swatting mosquitoes, bickering with an irritable spouse, and spewing a few colorful words into the neighborhood. Not to mention, our bodies were writhing in pain for days.  Bottom line, it’s more than a homeowner would, or should, ever want to tackle themselves.  

No offense to my wonderful DH and his valiant effort, but, after all that sweat equity, our “clean” windows are streaky.  Sometimes part of adulting is figuring out when it’s just worth it to pay someone else or do the work yourself.  I assure you when it’s window cleaning time next spring, I’ll be begging my DH to just cut the check.

Melissa White